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ARDM Services Corp. Aims to Change Digital Marketing and Boost Retail Businesses

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Aug. 8, 2023

In recent years, retail businesses have faced challenges due to various factors, including the Covid-19 crisis and the rise of online shopping. Many businesses struggled to recover from the pandemic, resulting in reduced purchasing power and the need to adapt marketing strategies to stay competitive. However, there has been a lack of digital marketing products that effectively address these issues.

ARDM Services Corp. Introduces Innovative Augmented Reality Marketing and Loyalty Rewards App

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Jan. 16, 2024

Augmented reality (AR) involves overlaying visual, auditory, or other sensory information onto the world to enhance one’s experience. Markerless AR uses technologies like SLAM, a digital compass, and computer vision to insert AR content into a digital representation of a real-life environment. Retailers and companies can use our Augmented Reality Mobile Application to promote products or services, launch novel marketing campaigns, and collect unique user data.

ARDM Services Corp.: A Revolutionary Retail Rewards Mobile App Transforming Customer Engagement

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Apr. 15, 2024

ARDM Services Corp. leverages cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) technology to attract customers to participating businesses, from cafes and restaurants to supermarkets and galleries. AR-enabled avatars, including celebrities, guide users through retail spaces and entice customers to explore and discover prizes while interacting with products.